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News 2011-09-21

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.25. News here. Download here.

News 2011-03-24

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.23. News here. Download here.

News 2011-01-23

New Croatian map Makarska riviera, Biokovo. Download here.

News 2011-01-18

New Austrian map Stubai. Download here.

News 2010-12-08

New Polish map Beskid Ślaski. Download here.

News 2010-06-12

New Austrian map Salzkammergut (Solna komora). Download here.

News 2010-04-13

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.19. History here. Download here.

News 2009-05-09

New English version of software and sites.

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Ukázka Cyklotras 2.xx Dear friends,

let me introduce you our software Cyklotrasy (cycling trails). Imagine software, where you can set (from map or list) your starting point, some transit places and the final point of your journey. You can choose searching preferences, e.g. type of surface, and let the software plan your own route. The software will get you a lot of useful information e.g. profile of your trail, map, itinerary and statistic data.

Cyklotrasy gives you a lot of information, e.g. altitude, latitude, longitude, photos, texts, lengths of distances, nubers of roads, numbers of bike-ways, types of surfaces, hiking and bike marking. You can observe route total length, superelevation, rise and fall. There are also prepared routes, where you can find difficulty and type of recommended bike. You can print profile, map, itinerary and statistic. Visual apperance of profile and map can be adjusted with preferences. You can export profile and map into picture, web site or GPS format. User can make a diary of his/her trips, including a lot of data. Up to this date there are 112 maps for Cyklotrasy. Maps are developed by administrators who update maps at least ones a year (it's possible to download them from this pages for free).

Ukázka CD CyklotrasIf you are interested how the Cyklotrasy works and looks, click Preview. To try Cykltorasy shareware version go to Download. Limitation of shareware version is retyping of ten-digits number during using program. This limitation will be canceled after Registration.

If you've questions or suggestions, use contact form or send me e-mail. I wish you a lot of nice trips planed by software Cyklotrasy, for us it was big pleasure to develop this software for you.

Stanislav Ubik
EAGLE Software




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